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Lesvos Yoga Retreats and Holidays


Simply Being Retreat

A Simply Being Retreat on Lesvos offers time for reflection

A Simply Being Retreat on Lesvos offers time for reflection

Lesvos island offers peace, tranquility and a special ambience that makes it a particularly relaxing place to be. Away from the crowds, staying amidst the olive groves, close to crystal clear waters that are safe and warm for swimming and listening to the sound of the silence that pervades our choice of venue; to practice yoga here can be a special form of bliss.

Simply Being Retreat with Seeds-4-Change

The Simply Being Retreat offers a week of mindfulness, meditation, Kundalini yoga and more. Facilitated by Angela Smyth, an established and experienced Life Coach, you will share daily group sessions, with individual one-to-one sessions if required. Angela specializes in coaching for Change and this week is an opportunity to rediscover the real you, remember where you want to go and explore how to get there.

Is this for you? Do you find yourself so tied up with responsibilities at work or at home that you find it hard to make some time for yourself?
Have you forgotten who you are, where you are going or maybe you just don't know how to get there?
Perhaps you find yourself going round in circles and wish you could stand still, even for just a moment.
Are you recovering from loss or changes that were outside of your control and are wondering what now?

If this sounds like you, you might want to pause for thought, take some time out for yourself - and join us on a week dedicated to helping you recharge your inner batteries and get back to who you are. A week to Simply Be!

The sessions are based on The-Seeds-4-Change 5 A Day Programme for Wellbeing, and include daily morning Kundalini Yoga, time with our professional coach Angela, aimed at enabling you to embrace life and make it work for you. We also take time out for daily mindfulness and meditation.

Read our testimonials from previous Retreats;

‘The memories of my idyllic week with Angela are still vivid and remind me that it is possible to enjoy periods in life that are pure, positive and energising.
I have come away feeling recharged, optimistic and focused on my goals. Through her calm, relaxed and open personality, Angela creates a safe haven to release the old and make way for the new. She gives 100% of her time and energy and I would love to repeat the experience. Angela's energy along with the energy of the landscape is truly peaceful' Usha Yoga Teacher October 2015

'I really can't put into words what this week has meant for me. Thank you doesn't seem enough but it is sent from the heart' Sheila October 2015

'It was not just a break... I have grown so much and cannot recommend the experience of this week highly enough' Judi May 2015

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Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Barbara-Gyan Mudra

Balance, calmness, serenity

Kundalini yoga is especially transformative in nature and encourages a very personal, inner journey of awareness. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced yogi; on the beautiful island of Lesvos you will find the space, that time-out-of-time, where you can rediscover who you are.

Kundalini yoga Retreat at Daphnis & Chloe

Sharing a Kundalini Yoga Retreat can be a very powerful, transformative experience. A Retreat can generate a wonderful kind of group energy that promotes healing, expands one’s awareness and leads to sharing a connection with others often on a spiritual level. You still remain free to join in as much or as little as you wish, there is no obligation, no judgement, - simply a safe space for you.

Our first Kundalini Yoga Retreat was held in May 2016 and was extremely successful and enjoyable for all who took part. Full details of our Kundalini Yoga Retreat for 2018 can be found here

Here’s what people said in 2016;

'The yoga holiday was very good, I came back feeling relaxed and refreshed.…….Wonderful walks, wildlife and beautiful scenery. 

hope to do it all again next year.
HD Stoke on Trent UK

'The pace of the week was just right. Relaxing but with plenty of things to do. I feel really privileged to have been part of such a lovely group of yogi's.'
CD Stoke on Trent UK

'I got a huge amount from the yoga week and enjoyed it very much.

Thanking you for a really great yoga week that exceeded my expectations in all ways.' SW Polichnitos, Lesvos

'I have never experienced yoga retreat before, chanting mantra was great feeling like I escaped to a temple.'
YW Polichnitos Lesvos

'We both really did enjoy our holiday and have to thank you for holding and supporting us -and leading us to a better 'self'.'
LK London UK

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Yoga & Discovery Holidays

Discovering hidden gems and secret places on Lesvos

Discovering hidden gems and secret places on Lesvos

And if you want more activity there is plenty on offer. Holiday and Retreat weeks are designed to leave you plenty of free time for relaxing, reading, reflecting, recharging, or more active pursuits such as swimming, walking, hiking, cycling, exploring………. The choice is yours, so follow your own bliss; a Kundalini Yoga Retreat; our ‘Simply Being’ Retreat; or a Yoga and Discovery holiday.

Yoga & Discovery Holidays with Di-Sa Travel

Yoga Holiday weeks with Di-Sa Travel offer daily yoga and meditation on this most beautiful island. You will discover secret places, stunning scenery and amazing ancient sites. Staying in delightful accommodation in a tranquil olive grove next to the sea, combined with delicious cuisine. Lunch and dinner, taken at local Tavernas, are included in the price. The weeks are planned to leave enough time for swimming and relaxation.

Each week you can join in daily morning sessions of Kundalini Yoga, stretching and energizing the body; sometimes we shall share these sessions at sacred sites or on the beach. Later in the day, a more relaxing evening yoga is on offer, with meditation and/or breathing practices to calm you for a restoring night’s sleep.

Local company Di-Sa Travel is owned by Sabine and Dirk Wolff who chose to relocate to Lesvos from Germany in 2014. The impetus behind their business is to show 'their' island to interested travellers of any age. Their concept; to experience the authentic Lesvos.

There is so much to discover as the island of Lesvos has many facets: rocky desert landscapes in the west, mountain regions with peaks up to 1000 meters, a coastline with beautiful bays and long sandy beaches with crystal clear water, hot curative springs, large forest regions, 11 million olive trees, natural flora and fauna, waterfalls with lots of water even during the summer, charming small towns and mountain villages, art and culture, ancient temples and monuments, museums, ouzo distilleries, and more. This list is long and shows clearly that Lesvos is never boring.

The options for enjoying food and drink are extensive - with wonderful local fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, prepared for you at cafes, ouzeries, simple tavernas and restaurants. We have experienced authentic Greek hospitality on this island - and we appreciate it. We visited many places as a guest and left as a friend.

Lesvos has a tourism infrastructure, although still in a modest way. There are many atmospheric fishing villages around the island (eg Skala Polichnitou, Skala Eressou, Plomari, Kalloni) which welcome tourists to share their ambience, whilst getting on with their own day to day occupations, or staring out to sea over a coffee or ouzo. In the north, particularly in Molivos and Petra, you will see more tourists strolling around, enjoying their summer holidays, staying in small hotels, villas and houses. The style of these coastal villages is still traditional, but luckily, many areas of the island have no tourists at all - beautiful, authentic and untouched.

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